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This page is an entry point for a hotlink from the Wayne County, PA homepage.  This branch of the Cary's migrated from MA
to the Wyoming Valley.  That part of the Wyoming Valley became Luzerne County.  That area of Luzerne is now Lackawanna County.  Some of his children migrated to what is now Wayne County.  

Descendants of Barnabas Cary, b. 1733*(see notes at page bottom)
Barnabas & Mary are my ggggggrandparents
Children & Spouses Only
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1 Barnabas Cary b: July 03, 1733 in Bridgewater, Massachusettes d: July 23, 1788 in Luzerne County, PA

. +Mary Scott b: May 07, 1735 in Scituate, RI d: October 31, 1812 in Luzerne CO, PA m: 1755 Census: 1790 Luzerne Co, PA. Head of Household with 1 male, 1 female. Probably Barnabas & Kazish.

.. 2 Joseph Cary b: February 02, 1756 d: July 03, 1778 Fact 1: killed in Wyoming Massacre 1778

.. 2 Hannah Cary b: March 24, 1759

...... +Ephrian Stevens

.. 2 Sarah Cary b: January 22, 1762

...... +Benjamin Jenkins

.. 2 Anna Cary b: January 22, 1764

...... +David Beasoner

.. 2 John B. Cary b: April 29, 1766 d: January 18, 1826 Fact 1: Came to Providence Luzerne County at age 23

...... +Lucy McKay b: 1770 d: December 04, 1863 m: 1789

.. 2 Mary Cary b: April 23, 1768

...... +Caleb Simpson

.. 2 Barnabas Cary b: March 13, 1770 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA d: 1822 in Ransom Twp., Luzerne, PA.  Census 1790 Luzerne Co, PA; 1800 Pittston twp, Luzerne Co, PA; 1810 Pittston twp, Luzerne Co, PA; 1820 Providence twp, Luzerne Co, PA.

...... +Sarah Katherine Smith b: 1786 in New York d: 1859 in Ransom Twp., Luzerne, PA

.. 2 Kazish Cary b: May 01, 1775

...... +Robert Brown

* Notes on the mix up of identities of this Barnabas Cary

This Barnabas and another Barnabas are quite mixed up in history. Their wives and children and Revolutionary War records are also very confused. Seth, in his "Plymouth Pilgrim" book made a major mistake in identifying the wrong Barnabas as son of Joseph. The best source for Barnabas Cary information is Luther Cary's Supplement to Seth Cary's John Cary the Plymouth Pilgrim. Luther distributed copies of his supplement to most of the major genealogical libraries and is available through The Church of Latter Day Saints. 

Luther found that the surname of a Roger CRARY's children and their 
descendants was spelled variously: Crary, Carrary, Correrey, and Carey as 
well as Cary.

Joseph CARY's son Barnabas was born in Attleboro, Mass. on 3 Jul 1733 
according to local records but on 26 July 1735 according to his own Bible 
records. He died 23 Jul 1788 in Luzerne Co., PA, i.e., the Wyoming Valley.

According to Luther, it was Barnabas CRARY'S son Barnabas Jr., who 
spelled his surname Carey, who served in the Revolutionary War. Junior was 
born in 1759. As Luther remarks, the DAR has many members erroneously 
qualified under the misidentification of Barnabas Cary as Barnabas Carey.
Luther Cary in his research indicates that this Barnabas is mixed up with a Barnabas Crary. Crary later changed his name to Cary and is the one that wound up in Rindge, New Hampshire. Strange that they both had at least four of their children named the same names.

These are some of the sources that Luther sites for his findings. Most of this is on file with the New England Historic Genealogical Society Library in Boston. 
Cary Bulletin No. 9, May 1910
Mitchell's History of Bridgewater
Land Records in Chepachet, Town of Glocester, R.I.
Dagett's History of Attleboro, Mass.
Attleboro Vital Records, including:
Mary Short and Barnabas CRARY of Providence, R.I., mar. Feb 
24 1759
Birth of their first two children surnamed CRARY
Birth of later children all surnamed CARY.
Birth of John Scott who married Mehitable Cary.
Birth of Mary Scott who married Barnabas Cary, Jr.
History of Rindge, N.H 
Vital Records of Rindge, N.H.