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These issues have been reported by different people from different sources that seemingly contradict each other.  I only began this page in December 2001.  There are many more controversies then these.  This is a working paper.  

1.  Francis Cary's, b. 1647, wife?    
Francis Cary married Lydia Brett, rather than Hannah Brett.  In an article in the American Genealogist v. 61 no. 3 pages 129-132 a very convincing argument was made stating that Hannah Brett married a Turner and her sister Lydia married Francis Cary. Submitted by Mary Lou Clegg:

2.  John Cary's, b. 1645, wife?  Abigail Allen or Abigail Penniman?

Some people note Abigail's last name as Allen and make her the daughter of Samuel Allen & Mary French. Below is the source for Abigail Penniman. Possibly, the Allen connection has only been assumed. 

Source for Penniniman, Abigail: The will of her mother Lydia Eliot Penniman Wight bequeathed 10 "to my daughter Abigail Carie"

Her will was probated 2/12/1730 and administered by son Benjamin and son-in-law Samuel Howland (6:353). It mentions sons Eleazer, James, Benjamin and Josiah; only daughter Abigail Howland; Jemima Cary, daughter of Josiah Cary; granddaughter Abigail Cary , daughter of John deceased; granddaughter Abigail Cary, daughter of Eleazer Cary; granddaughter Abigail Cary, daughter of Jame s Cary; granddaughter Abigail Cary, daughter of Benjamin Cary; granddaughter Abigail Howland, daughter of Abigail Howland; and grandson John, son of John Cary.

WILLIAM L. BARAN, Ph.D. [] adds:  First, we need to be positive that the move from Bridgewater. MA was to Bristol, RI. Due to incomplete and assuming information the John Cary the Plymouth Pilgrim (JCPP) mentions Bristol and in some places refers to Mass. Second is the family of John Cary II (Serjeant) most of whom moved to Bristol with their father. The time frame is important because the marriage date and children's birth is in line with Abigail Allen being in Bridgewater and they being married there 7 Dec. 1670. The family did not move to Bristol until 10 years later in 1680. If John Cary II did marry Abigail Penniman it might have been a second wife and these children are from two separate wives. Third, At an early age John Cary II (7 yrs old) his brother James is listed as being born in 1652, Braintree, MA. So his father may have known the Penniman Family for that short period of time. By 1654, Mary Cary was born in Duxbury (New Plantation) which was the later location of Bridgeport, MA. Fourth, as I look at the Allen family information it is apparent that the families lived close since two other family members married Allen's in Bridgeport, MA. Samuel Allen and Rebecca Cary, Sarah Allen and Jonathan Cary, brother and sister of John Cary II.


With three daughters marrying Cary's the Allen link gets stronger. Source: The Cary Family in America by: Henry Grosvenor Cary Affiliated and Collateral Branches Samuel Allen and Ann his wife came from Bridgewater, Somerset County, England in 1632. They were the first Allen's to emigrate to America. They first settled in Braintree, Mass. They had six children, three of whom married children of John Cary, Sr., viz Sarah Allen married Jonathan Cary (pg 12), Samuel Allen married Rebecca Cary (pg 13) and Abigail Allen married John Cary, Jr. (pg. 13). Abigail was born in 1640 and was married in 1670. Ann, wife of Samuel Allen, sr. died Sept. 29, 1641, and Samuel married Margaret Lamb, of Braintree. He died in June 1665.


3. Death Date for Nathaniel Cary, b. 1758, son of Nathaniel Cary and Dorcas Marcy. Steve Seiple says:  I am still trying to track down my Nathaniel Cary. As you may recall, he died around 1814 in Venango County, PA. His wife was Isabella. I have been told that he is the same Nathaniel Cary born in Mansfield in CT in 1758, son of Nathaniel Cary and Dorcas Marcy, but I have never been able to verify that the Nathaniel who died in PA in 1814 is the same Nathaniel that was born in CT in 1758.  I believe that there is some kind of record of CT soldiers in the Revolutionary War that indicates Nathaniel died in the war, but this is likely erroneous. Somewhere I have a copy of his service record from the National Archives, and he survived the war.

Helen Carson says: Isbella is the daughter of Hugh McClintock & Ann Crouthers. They married in 1770. Isbell and two brothers and husband Nathaniel traveled to Pittsburgh, PA in 1795 and in the spring of 1796 moved onto Cornplanter twp, Hamilton. She says this is the same Nathaniel that "erroneously" is listed as dying in the rev war.

March 2004: From Carolyn McConnell Mondora, 817 SW 2nd Avenue, Cape Coral, FL 3399:  "There is much misinformation published in many places re Nathaniel, Jr.'s wife also; most things state that her maiden name was McClintock and that she was the daughter of Hugh and Ann McClintock  of daughter of Hugh and Ann McClintock of Cumberland County, PA.  Hugh's will indicates that his daughter, Isabella, was a minor at the time Nathaniel Jr.'s wife, Isabella, was in Venango County, PA with a brood of children."

4.  Who is the Father of John Cary, b. 1610? - There is controversy on who John's father was. The following information is provided by David Carey: 
"The parents of John Cary, the Plymouth Pilgrim, have yet to be positively 
identified. Most theories have been disproved. He was not the son of John 
Cary and Elizabeth Hereford. Their son John was married in 1613 (when the 
Pilgrim was about 3 years old) and died in Hackney , Middlesex, England, 
before 1665. Proof is found in the pedigree submitted by their grandson John 
Cary, the famous London and Virginia merchant, to the Earl Marshall of 
England which resulted in confirmation of his right to bear the arms of the 
noble Carys of Devon (ref. College of Arms, Book of Grants IV) Copies of 
those documents are filed in the British Library (Stowe MS 670, folio 229) 
and in the Society of Genealogists Library, London.

John the Pilgrim was not the son of Elizabeth and William Cary who was 
mayor of Bristol in 1621. That theory was proposed by Henry Grosvenor Cary 
in his The Cary Family in America and is disproved by the Heralds College 
pedigree of the Bristol Carys. The son of Elizabeth and William Cary was the 
John Cary who married Elizabeth Hereford (see above).

The theory that John the Pilgrim was the son of Walter Cary and Grace 
Browne has not been disproved or proved positively. Walter died in 1633, 
about the time the Pilgrim came to Plymouth after a dispute over his father's 
will. Grace left a will in 1668 naming her son John "if living", which 
indicates that he was estranged from her as the Pilgrim was from his family.

From Dave
On John NOT being the son of Henry Cary, b. 1576 and Elizabeth.
According to the pedigree prepared by the Royal College of Heralds, Sir Henry Cary (1576-1633) Lord Deputy of Ireland, and the First Viscount Falkland, married Elizabeth (1585-1639), the daughter of Sir Lawrence Fanfield, Lord Chancellor and Baron of the Exchequer, and by her had eleven children, all of whom are well accounted for in College of Heralds' records. That makes it highly unlikely that they were involved in the lineage of John Cary, the Plymouth Pilgrim, in any way. Henry and Elizabeth were both born long after Elizabeth I replaced Mary, her catholic half-sister, in 1558 and put an end to religious warfare in England. Records indicate that they were married in the Church of England, raised their children in the Church of England, and that they and their children were well rewarded for their loyalty to the English crown.  Their eldest son, Sir Lucius Cary, the Second Viscount Falkland, led the forces of Charles I against Cromwell's allies in Parliament and against Cromwell's armies on the battlefields. Lucius was known as the bravest and most intelligent man in England until he was slain in the second battle of Teweksbury. His statue is one of only eleven honored in the chapel entrance to Parliament.


4.  Barnabas Cary, b. 1733 and Barnabas Crary, b. 1735

The following is a correction to "The Plymouth Pilgrim book by the Rev.
Seth Cary, 1911 and the answer found in the Cary Bulletin NO. 9, May 1910.

"Barnabas & Barnabas: These good men are causing us no little anxiety. The
story is as follows:  Barnabas of New England born 1733 Attleboro, MA son of Joseph and Anna Brett Cary (Samuel3, Francis 2, John1) mar. Mary Short, daughter of Rev. Matthew Short, first minister of Attleboro; had nine children and died at Rindge,
NH 1795.

Barnabas of Pennsylvania born July 26, 1735; mother's name Mary (sic)
Brett,  mar. Mary Scott, had eight children between 1756 and 1772, died July 23,
1788. He was in Wyoming Valley as early as 1772, was one of the first, if
not the first, juror drawn in Westmoreland Co., and his oldest son was killed
in the Massacre of Wyoming July 3, 1788.

Now it was supposed that there was only one Barnabas, but these recorded
facts clearly prove that there were two good men bearing the same name.
This query is "Who was this good man, The Pennsylvania Barnabas, and how related
to John?"

Page 2
The marriage of Mary Scott to Barnabas is given by Luther in his work as 1755. That is the only reference to it. Mary Scott is the daughter of Daniel Scott and Mary Whipple. This marriage appears in the vital records of Attleboro and the vital records of Providence RI.

Scituate RI Vital Records by Arnold:
Daniel Scott of Attleboro, Mass. m. Mary Whipple of Prov. RI in Providence by Richard Waterman, Justice, May 24, 1724.  John scott born to this couple 26 April 1733 m. Mehitable Carey.  Mary Scott born to this couple 7 May 1735. m. Barnabas Carey

Page 4.

John Cary The Plymouth Pilgrim
Section 28-A with additions and corrections.

Joseph Cary born Feb. 1705 in Bridgewater, MA.  died.  mar. Mary (sic) Brett born Aug 14, 1710, dau of Elihue and Ann or Hannah Turner Brett. Ann was dau of George & Mary Robbins Turner. Elihue was son of William and Margaret Ford Brett.

I. Joseph born Feb 22, 1732. This is the Joseph in "history of Dutchess
co,. N.Y." born about 1750 in RI
, Rev. Soldier, and had 21 children

all grew to maturity. This should read: came to Dutchess Co etc.

II Barnabas born July 3, 1733 Attleboro, MA records, born July 26, 1735 his
Bible record. This is the Barnabas for section 28A. In John Cary the
Plymouth Pilgrim, the Barnabas there was CRARY. See Crary line at end of section.

Here are the children of Barnabas and Mary Scott
Joseph 2 Feb 1756
Hannah 24 March 1759
Sarah 22 January 1762
Anna 25 January 1764
John 29 April 1766
Mary 23 April 1768
Barnabas 18 March 1770
Kessiah 1 May 1775

These dates from a Bible owned by Mrs. Benson Carey (Verna)

I found the Bible information in the book from the Wyoming and Lackawanna
Cary Society. There is also a mention of a "Mehitible" Bible. But I am not
sure if there are two or just this one bible.

NOTE: notice the family names here: Barnabas's parents were Joseph and Ann.
Hannah is a Brett name. Barnabas and Mary after themselves. John is a Cary
name, but also Mary Scott's brothers name (he came with them to the Wyoming
Valley). Keziah was probably after Barnabas'sister of the same name.
from Pam Miller

5.  The marriages of the Daughter's of John Cary, b. 1610.

Plymouth Pilgrim quotes: "Moses Cary in his manuscript wrote: 'The daughters of John Carey: One married a Howard; one, Dea.William Brett; one, Samuel Allen; one, a Thurston; and two of them Standishes.'"

Now, Elizabeth, b. 1649 married the Brett, Rebecca, b. 1665, married the Allen; Hannah, b. 1661, married the Thurston, so, that leaves two Standishes and a Howard to be married to Mary, Sarah and Mehitable.  That is not what most people have.  Mary - nothing; Mehitable is linked to Elisha Adams and Sarah to John Jenneys(even though this line is really messed up).  hmmmmmmmmm...


6. Joseph Cary, b. 1663 and his wife:  Mercy Bushnell or Hannah Godfrey

Conflicting data on Joseph's marriage has been sent to me over the years.  I currently reflect only one marriage for Joseph to Hannah Godfrey.  The Barbour Collections of Windham birth, deaths, marriages, etc., is compelling evidence that Joseph was only married once.  If you have evidence otherwise, please contact me. 


7. Ezra Cary, b. 1749 - Wife issue: Controversy:  Two wives? One wife that was previously married? Cynthia Tolman? Cynthia Brett? Cynthia Brett Tolman? Lots of contradictions in family data sites on the web.