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The information in this section is controversial.  There is much conflicting data about John's ancestry, roots and relationship to Miles Cary, Thomas Cary, Richard Cary, and William Cary- all of which came to America around the same time.  Most seem to have settled in the Virginia area, except John, who settled in the MA area.  Some could be brothers or first cousins. 

 Descendants of John Cary and
Elizabeth Godfrey

1 John Cary b: Abt. 1610 in Bristol, Somersetshire, Eng d: October 31, 1681 in Bridgewater, MA

. +Elizabeth Godfrey b: October 29, 1620 in Bristol, Somerset, Eng d: November 01, 1680 in Bridgewater, MA

.... 2 John "Serjeant" Cary b: November 04, 1645 in Duxbury, MA d: July 14, 1721 in Bristol, RI

........ +Abigal Penniman b: Abt. 1648 d: 1729

.... 2 Francis Cary b: January 19, 1647/48 in Duxbury, MA
d: 1718 in Bridgewater, MA

........ +Hannah Brett b: Abt. 1655 in Duxbury, MA
d: WFT Est. 1724-1750

.... 2 [1] Elizabeth Cary b: December 20, 1649 in Duxbury, MA
d: 1723 in Bridgewater, MA

........ +William Brett b: Abt. 1649 d: WFT Est. 1677-1738

.... *2nd Husband of [1] Elizabeth Cary:

........ +Deacon William Britt b: WFT Est. 1637-1857 d: WFT Est. 1883-1943

.... 2 [2] James Cary b: March 28, 1652 in Braintree, MA
d: November 20, 1706 in Bridgewater, MA

........ +Mary Standish

.... *2nd Wife of [2] James Cary:

........ +Mary Shaw b: Abt. 1662 in Weymouth, Mass d: 1736 in Bristol

.... 2 Mary Cary b: July 08, 1654 in Duxbury, MA
d: WFT Est. 1655-1748 Fact 1: Never married

.... 2 Jonathan Cary b: September 24, 1656 in Bridgewater, MA
d: 1695 in MA

........ +Sarah Allen b: April 14, 1667 in Bridgewater, MA
d: 1743

.... 2 David Cary b: January 27, 1657/58 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass d: 1718 in Bristol, RI

........ +Elizabeth Brackett b: 1671

.... 2 Hannah Cary b: April 30, 1661 in Bridgewater, MA
d: 1718

........ +John Thurston b: December 13, 1656 in Medfield, MA

.... 2 [3] Joseph Cary b: April 18, 1663 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass d: January 10, 1721/22 in Scotland, CT Fact 1: Deacon 

......... +Hannah Godfrey b: Abt. 1668 in Norwich, CT d: Abt. 1691 m: 1687 in Norwich, CT

.. *2nd Wife of [1] Joseph Cary:

......... +Mercy Bushnell b: March 1656/57 in Saybrook, CT d: January 23, 1740/41 m: Aft. 1700 in Windham, CT  m:  abt. 1692

.... 2 Rebecca Cary b: March 30, 1665 in Bridgewater, MA
d: 1714 in Norwich, CT

........ +Samuel Allen b: December 04, 1660 in Bridgewater, MA
d: June 28, 1750

.... 2 Sarah Cary b: August 02, 1667 in Bridgewater, MA
d: WFT Est. 1668-1761

........ +John Jenney m: Abt: 1688 (CONTROVERSIAL AND UNPROVEN)

... 2 [4] Mehitabel Cary b: December 24, 1670 in Bridgewater, MA
d: in Preston, CT

........ +Elisha Adams b: February 18, 1658/59 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA
d: 1698

.... *2nd Husband of [4] Mehitabel Cary:

........ +Miles Standish


There is controversy on who John's father was. The following information is provided by David Carey: 
"The parents of John Cary, the Plymouth Pilgrim, have yet to be positively 
identified. Most theories have been disproved. He was not the son of John 
Cary and Elizabeth Hereford. Their son John was married in 1613 (when the 
Pilgrim was about 3 years old) and died in Hackney, Middlesex, England, 
before 1665. Proof is found in the pedigree submitted by their grandson John 
Cary, the famous London and Virginia merchant, to the Earl Marshall of 
England which resulted in confirmation of his right to bear the arms of the 
noble Carys of Devon (ref. College of Arms, Book of Grants IV) Copies of 
those documents are filed in the British Library (Stowe MS 670, folio 229) 
and in the Society of Genealogists Library, London.

John the Pilgrim was not the son of Elizabeth and William Cary who was 
mayor of Bristol in 1621. That theory was proposed by Henry Grosvenor Cary 
in his The Cary Family in America and is disproved by the Heralds College 
pedigree of the Bristol Carys. The son of Elizabeth and William Cary was the 
John Cary who married Elizabeth Hereford (see above).

The theory that John the Pilgrim was the son of Walter Cary and Grace 
Browne has not been disproved or proved positively. The theory that John the Pilgrim was the son of Walter Cary and Grace Browne has not been disproved or proved positively. Walter died in 1633, about the time the Pilgrim came to Plymouth after a dispute over his father's will leaving his entire estate to his wife Grace in order to "tie and bind them [his children] the more to be loving and dutiful to their tender and careful mother". John Cary was an adult in 1633 and came to Plymouth the next year. Grace's will in 1668 leaves her son John, "if living" a shilling. That suggests that she and her son John were estranged. These circumstances roughly parallel the family tradition that John Cary came to Plymouth in 1834 following a dispute over his father's estate.

David Carey"