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This site is to honor
John Cary, (b. 1610) and 
Elizabeth Godfrey,
(b. 1620)
The Cary and Godfrey families were among the first families of European Immigrants to this country.   John migrated to America in 1634.  Elizabeth's family came earlier.  

This site currently contains:
31,233 Descendants
Ancestors, Cousins & Relatives
31 Generations and 5081Surnames

Some info on lines of Miles and Thomas, etc. are also included.

This web site is dedicated to the research of the descendants/ancestors and relatives of John Cary and Elizabeth Godfrey.

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Monument to John Cary erected on/near his homestead in West Bridgewater, MA
in 1905 by a group of his descendants. 

Picture taken in July 1998 by Lisa Carey
Click here for a Google Map of where the monument is.

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Descendants of John Cary and Elizabeth Godfrey
Their 12 children on down 31 generation!

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Descendants of John Cary and Elizabeth Godfrey
Their 12 children on down.

Ancestors & Cousins  of John,
from Lord Adam de Kari, b. abt. 1170 & including Miles Cary, b. 1621 Line

Carey Cousins
Others researching this line.

Books Pertaining to this Cary Line

Revolutionary War Soldiers - Cary/Carey Roll Call List w/regiments.  (from National Archives; state and family records)

Places & Landmarks named for Carys
Working notes

Cary Groups and Organizations


An excellent source of early  history, arms & crest information! 

Controversial issues and corrections that are disputed between parties & sources

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A Brief History of Castle Cari, Somerset, England (if you visit there looking for documented history they will tell you there is no documentation linking the Cary’s to the castle. They believe the Castle is named for the river near there also called Cary. On the other hand the church at the top of Clovelly does have tombs and the harbor wall is credited with being designed and built by the Cary who is an ancestor to John Cary b. 1610.)

I am also attaching a link to Clovelly, UK.  this is a link to the page that explains the History of Clovelly and the Cary involvement.

Newest Additions/Corrections to this site: (last 180 days, since May 24th, 2013)

5/24/13 - Eleazer, 1825

6/18/13 - 2 additions to Carey Cousins Page
Robert Carey (John, 1610, Francis, 1647; Samuel, 1677; Eleazer, 1717; Samuel, 1759; George, 1793; Edmund, 1822; George William, 1850; Robert, 1879; Robert, 1834)

Jacquelyn Cain (John, 1610, Francis, 1647; Samuel, 1677; Eleazer, 1717; Samuel, 1759; George, 1793; Edmund, 1822; Bradley, 1851; Savilla, 1897; Jacquelyn Cain, 1927)

Edmund, 1822;  Diantha, 1846; George, 1850;  Bradley, 1851

Henry, 1711; Carey Cousins Page addition:
Michelle Salisbury (John Carey, b.1610; David Carey, b. 1658; Henry Carey, b. 1711; Elizabeth Carey, b. 1739; Paul Stark, b. 1769; Phebe R Stark, b. 1812; Adalade Landon, b. 1853; Lloyd Edward Henderson, b, 1902; Jack Henderson, b. 1921; Patricia Henderson, b. 1942; Michelle Lee Ozimec)

Cary Cousins addition
Allan David Shuemaker ( John 1610; Joseph 1663; Jabez,1691; Jabez, 1727; W.Bela,1764-1827; Horatio N., 1808-1870; Ira Bela, 1860-1929; Nelson Allan, 1896-1960; Doris (Cary) Shuemaker ,1925-1977; Richard Cary Shuemaker,1946-2006.)

 Bela, 1764; Absalam, 1802


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